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To Transform or Not to Transform – Deception or Mastery?

To Transform or Not to Transform – Deception or Mastery?

[su_heading size=”20″]Deception or Mastery?[/su_heading]

I have been influenced to write about this young lady because I have seen her scrutinized all over Facebook because of her skills. I personally think her makeup looks great others seem to think its deception calling her names like Transformer .   Let’s take a deeper look is her skills considered deception or mastery?

A) Is this really Deception? Lets start by finding out what the dictionary definition of deception is.   The action of deceiving someone.” obtaining property by deception” a thing that deceives.” a range of elaborate deceptions”. Umm it sounds like all of us may be deceptive  just by the simple everyday things we do. 

B) Is it skills?  The Dictionary description of Skills: Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. Would you consider your skills may it be teaching or just being a simple housewife deceptive?

Let’s check ourselves before we cast the first stone!

After reviewing a lot of the comments made I noticed a lot of them were MEN! So with that being said lets start out with the Men.

Men: Would you call it Deceptive if a man creates the illusion that he is financially well off by owning an expensive car, expensive jewelry, expensive clothes  and dines women at expensive restaurants to get the attention of the more attractive females?  All the while

  • He is living from paycheck to paycheck.
  •  In debit.
  •  Has bad credit.
  • Running from child support.
  • Has negative balances on his bank accounts.

But lives at home with your parent.

Women: Most women by nature are overly critical when it comes to other women.  Lets step back and really look at this young ladies Mastery. Would you call your hairdresser a transformer or a deceptive person because she makes your hair something desirable to you and others?  Is it deceptive that she takes your hair and either relaxes it, blow drys it, or even adds additional hair to it?    When you leave do you tell her Thanks for Doing such a Deceptive Job on my hair i’ll see you next week?  Or do you thank her and spread the word about her skills and Mastery  to other women or if shes really good you don’t have to spread the word  your hair will make its own statement.  The Most Important Question Are You A Transformer Because You Went To A HairDresser ?  In short Lets Stop casting stones look at what this young lady does as a skill not as deceptive.

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