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One on One with Youtuber Muffinismylovers

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Name: April Furman
AKA: Muffinismylovers
Youtube Guru: Fashion, Makeup Tutorials,Wigs Reviews, Product Reviews, DIY Projects

Some of you may know her as April or simply by her unique youtube name Muffinismylovers.   April has been a resourceful go to on youtube for over 8 years bringing viewers all over the world straight forward wig reviews as well as makeup tips and even Real Talk for the ladies.  We were delighted to have a one on one sit down conversation with this amazing woman.

The Name


Where did the name muffinimylovers come from and what does it mean?


Lol the name  came from a combination nickname that began with me and my husband calling each other lover.  Overtime I began calling my husband muffins which by the way he really hated.  So when I first started on youtube I used my email address as my youtube name which was a combination of both names muffins and lover.   I combined the names together which came out as muffinsismylovers.  I tried once or twice to change the name but couldn’t figure out how to do it so I just decided to keep it.

I also wanted to address everyone who has ever asked me in the past and present,  No the name doesn’t mean I  love eating Muffins! I get that crazy question quite often. 



What Inspired You to Make YouTube Videos?


I was bored with my life  and during that time I was always watching Niecy Nash on tv she inspired me to want to do makeup because her makeup was always flawless.  Sadly it turns out I was not very good at doing makeup in beginning. So one day I happened to showed another youtuber how I blended my half wig and the next thing I knew she had me on her youtube channel without my permission I must say, But it all good we are really good friends and thats how it all kicked off.

YT History


How long have you been making YouTube Videos?


I have been doing videos on youtube since 2008.   Believe it or not this is my 3rd youtube channel my first channel was hacked and the other channel well lets just say its a long story maybe for another interview.

Changes & Benifits


How has making YouTube video change your life?


Being on youtube has changed my life so much I can truly say making videos and interacting with my subscribers has made me more confident.  I have also learned so much over the years about makeup application, fashion and style and most important wigs.  I can truly say its been a great experience, I have had the opportunity to make so many friends that I truly care about.


Has there been any benefits making youtube videos? 


I can honestly say I have been able to work with many different companies which has not only increased my ability to provided more product reviews it has also given me the opportunity to travel to places I may not have otherwise travel to. Because of my popularity on youtube I have been given the opportunity to do something I love and help others at the same time.   If I can help one person learn something that makes them feel better about themselves I have successfully accomplished my mission.



What suggestions do you have for newcomers’ who what to make YouTube videos. ? 


My advice would be to just be yourself don’t try to be like someone else.  This is what viewers are looking for someone who’s original, someone whos is not trying to imitate another person’s style.   Also don’t be afraid to extend yourself to work with other youtubers.  I feel that we as women of color fail miserably when it comes to  extending ourselves to work with one another.  Instead some of us have the its all about me attitude not realizing that we can get more recognition by working with one another like the other beauty/fashion gurus on youtube. There are so many amazingly talented women of color on youtube with amazing skills and personality but sadly we continue to go unrecognized.  Because of this we constantly work against one another trying to gain that much deserved recognition.  Most importantly if you really want to become a successful youtube guru you have to work hard and not be afraid to reach for the recognition you deserve. While keeping an extended hand to help the next woman of color, and hopefully she will extend her hand to the next newcomer. 

Aprils Viedos

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZnAhyQjog&list=UUp8bSLce5AG0SlJhfXeikHw”][youtube url=””][/su_youtube]

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZBsoT7GlqE”][youtube url=””][/su_youtube]

Favorite Gurus


Who are some of your favorite gurus?


I really don’t have any one favorite because each of them have their own personality and structure.   If I had to just choose one person in particular that I watch over and over I would say Kandi Johnson.   I love everything about her cause she’s so upbeat, colorful, quirky and dont forget fun.   So I would have to say she is someone I run to watch but I would never say I favor any over another because each person is unique.



What would you say the disadvantages of being a YouTube guru are?


The only disadvantage I can say that I personally have is dealing with  impatient companies.  Let me explain a little further sometimes it can be a little irritating when certain companies fail to understand that it takes time to record and edit videos. Sometimes they forget we are not professional  video editors nor do we have a team on standby waiting to record and edit our videos.   Regardless how much you advise them of the complexity of recording and editing a video while also having other companies scheduled it can sometimes be a bit stressful.

Buisness Owner


We see that you have your own business can you tell us a little about it?


My wig business is one of my passions I love doing hair so when I make wigs for other people it makes me feel good. You can visit my website gonewiththewindwigs.weebly.com

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