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Makeup Brushes 101

Hello Ladies I was thinking of what new topic can I blog  about today and the topic Makeup Brushes just came in mind so here goes .

Makeup Brushes 101

The first thing you will need to know about makeup brushes is.  There are two types of Makeup Brushes.

1st Synthetic
Synthetic brushes are basically made of non animal hair.

2nd   Animal/Natural Hair Brushes.   Animal hair brushes are of course made of Animal hair, they are very high maintenance and will shed and they do not last as long as synthetic brushes to find out more about makeup brushes shedding visit Shedding Makeup Brushes 101.  Quick FYI animal hair brushes work exceptionally well when applying powder foundations.   Synthetic brushes are best used for applying liquid foundation. Their are several different makeup brushes on the market so what guidelines should you use while looking for the best deal? Below I have given some examples of cost effective brushes on the market.

1) The most important thing you would want to make sure is that the brush is Soft.. This is important because if the brush is course and hard it may cause skin irritation and break outs and you don’t want that.

2) Make sure that the brush doesn’t shed. If the brush is exposed meaning not wrapped in plastic o sealed away in a product box I suggest you take advantage Shedding is the most irritating part of having a bad brush  trust me you do  not want to have fine little hair being left all over your face while applying your makeup.

3) Make sure that the brush is dense or thick enough. If the brush is not dense enough you will spend allot of time applying you makeup so you want to make sure that the brush is dense/thick enough.  Keep in mind just because the brush is affordable doesn’t mean its the best choice. Its always important to invest in a very good quality makeup brush. Because you will be using this brush for years and if you add up the cost of purchasing 2-3 cheap brushes that you keeping replacing you could have just paid for a good quality brush.

Now  lets get to Makeup brushes and there functions.

Lets start with the  layout(Canvas) your Face . Your going to need brushes that will handle the following.

  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Contouring
  • Highlights

1) The Foundation Brush: The foundation brush is the brush you use to apply your foundation.  As you know there are a
few different types of foundations on the market. I will make a post about what foundations are currently on the market so keep posted.  There are three different types of foundations.

  • Liquid
  • Cream
  • and powder

There are a few different brushes you can use the most common are

shiseido- foundation











Shiseido Makeup Brush WHAT IT DOES: A foundation brush for liquid, cream or powder formulas HOW IT LOOKS AND FEELS: The dense angled bristles feel cottony-soft against skin. WHY YOU WILL LIKE IT: This versatile brush can be used to apply any type of foundation evenly. Its angled bristles enable you to reach every nook of the face, and the short handle makes it easy to stash in any makeup bag. For an airbrushed look, stipple the brush instead of sweeping it across the skin.

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Classic foundation brush












What it Used Fore: A narrow round-tipped brush for precise application of liquid or cream foundations. What it does: This brush helps even out the complexion and conceal blemishes by smoothing on product, even in the creases of the face. Its soft synthetic fibers provide even application without an overload of texture. It can also be used for applying masks, treatments, creams, and serums. What else you need to know: For a radiant luminous complexion, play with two foundation color intensities, and apply the light shade to the center of the face and the darker shade to the facial contour. This brush is constructed with synthetic takelon bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and a wooden handle.

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The final step is a perfect finish. This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup: Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light Ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free Self-standing for easy storage Extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use.


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[spoiler title=”Flat Top Buffer” open=”yes” style=”simple”]A flat top buffer brush is everyone’s best friend when it comes to foundation. The compact, flat top helps buff in powder, liquid, or cream foundation for an airbrushed finish. No need to worry about liquid or cream foundation staining these brown, synthetic bristles. You can also use this brush on its side to get a precise, contoured edge on the cheekbones.[/spoiler]


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[spoiler title=”Classic Perfecting Concealer Brush #20″ open=”yes” style=”simple”]What it is: A thin, round-tipped brush for precise application of perfecting concealers, even in the creases of dark circles. What it does: This brush helps to conceals dark circles, blotches, and any other blemishes with precision. Its very soft synthetic fibers provide even application without an overload of texture. Its fine tip provides precision for fading out dark circles, enabling the application of texture even to the most difficult-to-reach areas. What else you need to know: This brush features synthetic takelon bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and a wooden handle. [/spoiler]


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All-Over  The Face Brush











[spoiler title=”Bobbi Brown Kabuki  Brush” open=”yes” style=”simple”]What it is: A short-handled brush with a big, fluffy head that can be used with powder, bronzer, or blush. What it does: This ultra fluffy and luxuriously full brush is ideal for touch-ups with Bobbi Brown’s Face Powder, Bronzing Powder, or Blush. It can also be used to remove excess powder on the face.[/spoiler]


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[spoiler title=”e.l.f. Studio Fan Brush” open=”yes” style=”simple”]This new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. studio brush! Unique fan shape blends away makeup mistakes Dusts, wipes, and contours powders Use to create soft color over the cheeks, to apply a touch of loose powder to cover shine, or as a blending . How to Use Use to remove fallen eye-makeup by ? fanning? away product. To add color to the face, dip into powder and dust on color to highlight cheekbones for a soft and natural look.[/spoiler]


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