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Lorac Pro Palette 2 Review


Lorac Pro Palette 2 Review


I have two word to describe these shadow Creamy and Buttery.  The longevity of these shadows are absolutely awesome when applied with the primer of your choice.


Because of the texture these amazing colors are easy to apply  and blend it doesn’t take much to load up your brush. The only problem I had with applications was some of the lighter shades not enough pigment. Thats to be expected sad to say most of the palettes don’t focus on us darker completed women either you cant see the lighter colors or their to ashy.




  • Woman of Color Friendly
  • Beautiful Packaging and Presentation
  • Good Quality Mirror
  • Great Pigmentation
  • Buttery Texture
  • Easy To Apply
  • Easy To Blend
  • Long-wearing
  • Versatile
  • Travel-friendly


  • This may seem a bit nitty pick but the texture of the case has a velvety feel which is nice but it really attracts makeup like crazy. Other than that I find nothing really wrong with this palette

LORAC PRO Palette 2 ($42.00 TOTAL NET W.32 OZ.) contains sixteen eyeshadows. Bonus Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (0.16 oz.)


First Row

Starting from left to right


This color is just your standard matte white nothing special. Can be use and a inner corner highlight.


Matte, slightly darker than white. perfect natural browbone highlight for fair skin, or to blend the edges of eyeshadow.


Light-to-medium matte brown. Great for  crease contour.

Lt Pink:

I tried using this color a few times but it just doesn’t complement well on my skin tone, but it’s a great blending color if your skin is more pink-toned than yellow-toned.


I love this color I find myself applying it with other colors from different palettes. Can be mixed with Taupe to create a warmer natural crease contour.


Medium matte brown. Great pigmentation, as with all of the matte colors.


Dark matte brown. Can be used to blend out the edges of  a smokey eyes.


Great for blending off smoky eyes


Second Row

Starting from left to right.


Shimmery cream shadow. This color is great for highlighting the inner corner or enhancing the center lid. The pigmentation is outstanding which goes for the entire palette.


This color is an ok color to complement color I wouldn’t use it for anything else. Im not a huge fan of glitter shadows they have a tendency to make the lid look greasy. I did notice that out of all of the colors this one had the poorest pigmentation.


This is my favorite color out of the entire palette Im not a fan of shimmery colors but I love this one. I would never use it  for anything but as a highlighter. 


I would say this is another favorite in this palette.  Great pigmentation great highlighter color.


This color is a great color to pair with other neutral colors as a highlighter. I use it allot when going for a soft natural look. Great pigmentation. 


Great pigmentation, I love this Orangey-brown I  wish I could just get this color alone once its gone. 

Deep Purple:

This color looks purple in the pan and if applied lightly it will come across purple. But if your heavy handed beware it will come across black. Great color.


Gorgeous blueish grey shadow if your looking for a bit of dramatic pop this color is what you need. 

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