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False Eyelash Maintenance 101

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Ladies when it comes to amazing beauty products, we all know that you can’t go without the false eyelashes. Whether you’re the type that likes the dramatic look or you’re simply on the more of the natural type we all know that extending your eyelashes adds more glamor  to your look.

Me personally I have enough eyelashes to simply just add mascara and it looks ok but I like to add a little flair sometimes. So I have been researching the Do’s and Don’ts of Eyelashes.   I have also researched how to maintenance your Fake Eyelashes and also how to protect your natural eyelashes.

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  • Removing Eyelashes. 

Do you really know how to remove your fake eyelashes with Care?

Lets take a Short Quiz:  Which of the following should you never use to remove your eyelashes?

A) Your Nails

B) Tweezers or any other tools

C) Eyelash Curlers

D) All of the above.

If you answered  D you’re absolutely correct. Ladies the only thing you should really use to remove your eyelashes are the pads of your fingers. By using the pads of your fingers there is less chance that you will Simply have less of a chance to poke yourself in the eye. You won’t crimp or damage the hairs and most important you won’t snatch out your own natural eyelashes.

By Grasping the edge of the fake lash gently but firmly between the thumb and forefinger and peel inwards your eyelash should simply come off smoothly.

For Individuals Lashes: The same theory applies Gently but Firmly grab the ends of each cluster and pull the out, One at a time.. Never grab multiple clusters and pull at once, you’re running the risk of grabbing your own natural lashes and you don’t want to do that. No one wants to walk around with Bald Spots in there eyelashes!

  • Getting Rid of The Glue.

When removing your eyelashes, the most important thing you want to do after removal is to remove the gunky mixture of glue and makeup thats stuck along the band of the eyelashes.

This is imperative to remove or it can leave a harden residue that will ruin the band thus rendering the lashes unusable.

There are many products that promises to remove or dissolve glue but the best option is to simply use your fingers.

Simply in one hand, hold the lash and gently but firmly between the forefinger and thumb. With the other hand pull at the glue until it begins to come away. Some glues peel off really easy while others may come off in clumps— either way keep at it until its all gone and you can see the band again. Trust me its worth it especially on expensive lashes.

Warning for Lash Clusters, you will need to be especially careful:  its easy to damage the hairs. Hold the lash gently in one hand and pull at the glue on the base with the other. Repeat until all the clusters you have used are clean.

  • Cleanliness 

Mascara on fake lashes is a great way to blend your own natural lashes with the fake lashes. A liquid eyeliner is great for hiding the eyelash band. But neither products are very good for the longevity of your eyelashes.  So always keep in mind that just like washing your face before going to bed is important so is cleaning your fake eyelashes and storing them in a dry and cool plays  is also important.  Removing these product can be very simple.

All you need is some Oil Free makeup remover and a few cotton swabs and a few pieces of tissue.

1st)  Place the lashes on the tissue and lightly hold the band with your finger, Just enough to stop it from moving around.

2nd) Dip your cotton swab into the eye makeup remover and squeeze out the excess so that it isn’t dripping.

3rd) Remove the excess makeup from the fake eyelash. When no more product residue come off of the eyelash your are totally clean.

4th) Do Not Soak them** This will break down the fibers and structure of your eyelashes and you will ruin the curl of the eyelashes.

  • Storage. 

Always Keep your eyelashes out of direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool place. Direct sunlight can chafe the color of the hairs and warp the band. It can also loosen the adhesive used to keep your lashes on the band. A strong suggestion would be to keep the Half Moon Tray that the lashes originally came with. This is a great way to restore your lashes. Make sure that you close the container to keep out dust and other dirt that can be a enemy of your nice lashes.