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Why Are My Heels So Dry And Cracked

Why Are My Heels So Dry And Cracked

For many of us the appearance of Dry Cracked Heels can be a major embarrassment and inconvenience.  Besides being a embracing this can also be very painful, for some it can cause pain while standing walking or even wearing shoes.   If left unchecked cracked heels and dry feet can cause bleeding and infection.   So its important to try and control the problem as early as possible.   Most cases of cracked heels can be easily treated with the help of simple remedies and self care measures. You could also consult a dermatologist or a podiatrist for medical options.


Symptoms of Cracked Heels:

It could take several days of even weeks for cracks on heels to show up ladies.  In fact if you recognize the early signs you maybe able to prevent or at least control them to some extent.

1) Dryness & Itching:   The appearance of flaky or peeling skin is one of the many signs of cracks on the heels.  Excessive dryness causes skin to turn white and the  change in color(Redness).  The dryness and  flakiness may be worse in certain parts of your heels.  You can also have severe itching around the rim of your heel.

2) Symptoms of Vertical Lesions:  If your skin continues to remain dry you may notice the appearance of small cracks around the edge of the heel.

3) Pain and Tenderness: Some symptoms may occur while walking the pressure you place on your feet causes lesions and splits further, which causes your heels to be sore and tender therefore causes your heels to become painful.

4) Hardening of the Skin:  When your skin loses moisture the skin will become tough and hard, Mainly around the edges of the heels causing a delay in the healing process. When this happens the skin doesn’t easily knit together.

[spoiler title=”Disclaimer” open=”yes” style=”simple”]** Please understand that I am not a Doctor nor am I issuing you any medical advise. Everything that I have written comes from research I have found in books and the internet.*** Do consult your doctor in case you continue to experience any of the signs and symptoms mention above.  Especially if the  the cracks on your heels continue to develop or if you notice bleeding  or if you start experiencing any white discharge or signs of infection.[/spoiler]

I’m sure you are aware that the skin on your heel is thicker than the rest of  your foot.  So because of this you need to moisturize your heels often and thoroughly in order to keep your heels supple and healthy.   If for some reason the skin covering the heel becomes excessively dry, the lack of moisture in this area will cause the upper layer of the skin to loose flexibility.   As a result the skin on the heel will start to split and crack.

What’s Causing the Cracks in your Heels

There are multiple factors that will cause your heels to develop cracks.   Here are a few listed below.

  • Advancing in age
  • Being obese or severely overweight.
  • Lack of proper hygiene or skincare (around the heel area)
  • Medical Conditions, Such as Diabetes or Athletes Feet.
  • Poor Circulation to the feet
  • Putting an extreme amount of pressure on your feet( Example: Standing or Walking for many Hours)
  • Skin Disorders such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Use of footwear that are too tight or loose around the heel which starts to chafe the skin.
  • Wearing shoes in which the heels are exposed on a regular basis.

Although its not always common some people may develop cracks on the heels because of nutritional deficiencies. Examples Lack of Calcium, Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and Zinc.

Sometimes women do not identify the causes of cracks on the heels.  Beware some causes of cracked heels are more serious than others and need to be addressed by a doctor.

Remedies to try for Cracked Heels

Ladies the first step to dealing with your cracked heels is to get control of  the excessive dryness This is a No Brainier right?  In order to do this you will need to apply an oil-based cream or moisturizer on the cracked heels at lease twice a day for best results.

Soak your feet in very warm water. This helps to soften the skin do it for

about 15-20 mins Get rid of the dead skin by using a pumice stone or foot file.

Pat your feet dry before applying moisturizer.  Let the affected heels absorb the moisturizer for about 15 Mins . Wear a pair of thick socks leave them on for a couple of hours or preferably overnight.

When doing this you should notice a improvement in the cracks after following this exercise twice a day for a week.  I would suggest you do this regularly even after the cracks disappears.

Below I have added a few products that I have used on my feet personally. I will give my honest opinion on each product.

Pretty Feet and Hands

My first option for minor cracked heels.

0030225052053_500X500Product Description: Get rid of dead skin cells with the Pretty Feet & Hand Rough Skin Remover. This lotion is very effective and exfoliates the dry and flaky skin and removes it efficiently. This dry foot skin remover is safe to use and does not contain any harmful chemical.


My Opinion: Its great if you have minor cracked heels, But if you have really deep cracks in your heels its not the best option.. I have other suggestions below.





Dr Hess Udder Ointment

 My second option Try only if the first option didn’t work for you.

Dr-Hess-Udder-Ointment Product Description:

  • In 1893 Dr Gilbert Hess and J.L Clark developed Dr Hess udder ointment originally for treating chapped teats and udders of dairy cattle. soon, farmers were remarking on the healing power it was showing on their own hands. chronic dryness and cuts were quickly being healed on both cow and farmer.
  • Dr Hess Udder Ointment is pharmacist recommended skin cream for dry or suffering skin, chapped lips, cracked heels, diaper rash, athletic chafing, eczema, burns, abrasions, diabetic damaged skin and more.

My OpinionWorks really well over time. So if you have the time to wait then this product will work well for you.


 Be Natural Callus Eliminator

Third and Final Option:  Time to break out the secret weapon if this doesn’t work you will need to resort to the 4th option

Product Description:

Breaks down calluses in just 3-5 minutes, then simply file or buff them away! Be Natural Callus Eliminator is the fast and effective solution to even the toughest of calluses. Callus Eliminator saves you time and effort by doing the work for you. Callus Eliminator actually breaks calluses down in just minutes – then simply file them away. No cutting! Dermatologist and podiatrist tested.

My Opinion: I love This stuff! If this doesn’t work on your feet ladies you need to opt to extreme measures.  The Product description works it will strip away all dry callus from your heels and any area on the bottom of your feet. I have Two(2) warnings. If you have open cracks that are bleeding or oozing from infection DON’T use this product.  When applying this product make sure to wear gloves and make sure that you are near your soaking tub or bathtub to scrape away the dry skin you don’t want to walk around with this on your feet.


Final Suggestions:

Go to your local hardware store and purchase a Heavy Duty SandBlaster!!!

JUST Kidding!! Try the Final suggestion below.







docMedical Attention

Make a much needed appoint me to your local Foot Doctor!