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Using Expired Makeup

using expired makeup

Using Expired Makeup

As a makeup enthusiast, It makes me really excited to start my makeup collection. Sometimes its kind of hard to keep up with all of the expiration dates on all of my makeup! And  what makes it worse is the fact that some of my collection is very expensive and  some I may like more than others so this sometimes makes it very hard to just discard them once the expiration date has passed.  But its very important that we remember to trash any makeup thats has passed the expiration date.  I have listed simple guide below to help out.  I have also listed some major reasons to get rid of any makeup that has expired.

[note text_color=”#000000″]Always Keep in Mind:  The expiration dates are not exactly what is indicated on the product labels. They are usually longer than what is indicated but it depends on how frequently you use them or on how properly you store them. The more frequent you use them, the more likely bacterias will accumulate on them.[/note]

Tracking Suggestions:

  • One  excellent way of keeping track of expiration dates is by using a labeling sticker.You can  pick  these simple labels up at any bookstores or staples.


how do you know if your makeup is already expired?

  • change in smell (presence of pungent smell or smells different from when you first opened it)
  • change in color (color may fade or darken from original color)
  • change in consistency or texture (it may thicken or dry)
  • presence of oil glaze on powders

Below are some expiration guidelines…



Using Expired Makeup