Nail Trends How They’re Created


Have you ever wondered?

Nail Trends How They’re Created

All through the nail trends listed below may or may not be your style everyone deserves the right to express their own individuality.  I decided to look a little further into the nail trends by not just grabbing up a few images and making comments about what I think of the nail trend.   I decided to take it a step further by finding out how each trend is created and bringing it to you.   Hopefully this way we appreciate the creativity taken to create each nail trend .

  • Duck Feet Nails
  • Stiletto Nails
  • Quilted Nails
  • Curved Nails
  • Bubble Nails
  • Spiral Nail
  • 3-d Nail Art
  • Caviar Nails
  • Matt Nails

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Check out what we found below.

Duck Feet Nails

Duck Feet Nails

Stiletto Nails

stiletto nail

Quilted Nails

quilted nails

Curved Nails

Curved Nails

Bubble Nails

Unfortunately we could not find a tutorial on this nail trend it seems no one on youtube wanted to record how to do this  nail. 

bubble nail

Spiral Nail

spiral nails

3-d Nail Art


Caviar Nails

Caviar Nails

Matt Nails

Matt Nails