Finding The Right Nail File For You

When it comes to nail files the thought is any ole nail file will do right?  Not! The truth is a file thats too coarse can cause damage to your natural nail. So the question of the day is which nail file will best fit your needs?  After doing much research we have found some great tips to assist you with finding the right nail file.

Finding the True Grit 

The first step will be to know your grit.  The Grit is the measurement of the coarseness on the used to refine and shape your nails.  The higher the grit number the softer the file. Now on the opposite end of the spectrum the lower number equals a coarser or more abrasive grit.  More versatile files, such as the popular 100/240 grit for natural nails, features two grits one for shaping and taking down the nail length and the other for finishing and smoothing.

Knowing your Nail Type

Its always important to assess your nails. If your nails are brittle and fragile or have splitting and breakage its important to use a crystal nail file.  A Crystal file has a softness thats gentle on the nail while quickly creating the desired shape.  Most files that are soother claim to have finer grits in the range of 240 to 600 these files are best for softer nails that have a tendency to peel.

You can try the following files:

  • Essie Crystal Nail File
  •  Kiss All Purpose Nail File 

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The Tough Stuff

When is it appropriate to  use a coarse (80 to 100) grit?  If you have acrylic nails that are in need of shaping because of the thickness of the acrylic it requires a little more muscle which means you will need a grit of 100/180.  By using this grit it will help you take down the length and refine the acrylic nail.  Lets not forget the Toenails unfortunately there more durable than your finger nails and require a stronger grit as well.

You can try the following file:

  • Star Nail Shorty Black File:








Lets Finish up with the Finishing Touches

Unfortunately while shaping and refining the nail sometimes it isn’t enough.  This is when you will need a high grit in the( range of 600 to 2400)  This grit range is very useful for nails that are ridged, dull or stained from repeated polish application.  You can use a buffing block in the range of 1000/4000 which will work to erase discoloration and even out your nail bed surface while adding a nice shine.

You can try the following file:

  • OPI Shiner 1000/4000