How to Polish Your Nails Like the Professional Salons

We all know we where not born with the talent of painting nails nor painting them perfectly. When I first started painting my nails it was absolutely a mess. I would get nail polish all over my fingers, outside of my nails and cleaning it up would take even longer than painting my nails.

I finally figured out how it was supposed to be done .  If you look at how manicurists paint nails, you’ll find that they have a certain technique that ensures a neat coat of polish covering the whole nail every time.


So here’s a cheat sheet that explains how to polish your nails perfectly and professionally:
















  • Step One

Start with a clean nail surface

  • Step Two

Apply a base coat at the ridge. This will prevent staining and chipping

  • Step Three

Place a drop of polish at the enter of of the nail bed. just a bit above the cuticle.

  • Step Four

Carefully push the drop of polish towards the cuticle.  Leaving just a small gap

  • Step Five

Now move your brush upwards making a strait line until you reach the end of your nail.

  • Step Six

Go back the the base of your nail and swipe the polish along the curve of the nail.

  • Step Seven

Keep dragging the polish until the whole side of the nail is covered.

  • Step Eight

Repeat step six  but do this on the other side of the nail only

  • Step Nine

Repeat step 7 but do this on the other side of the nail

  • Step Ten

If necessary  repeat this step a 2nd or third time until desired affect. Finish with a (Quick Drying Top Coat)


For those of you who would like to see a demo take a look at the video below.. Happy Polishing!!!!

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