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Why Do I Get Facial Hair?

 Why Me?

More women have concealed them for years. You’ve tried tweezing  them which is a endless battle.  You’ may have  tried waxing them but they simply come back with vengeance .  But those unwanted facial hairs continue to sprout causing what seems like an endless battle with in-grown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. Why Me?  Why do I have to get all the  embarrassing stray hairs you ask?  Well ladies its all about genetics and hormones.

For most women its either.

  • It’s hereditary
  • or runs in the family

For a small percentage of women, its most likely  a hormonal imbalance which causes an  excess levels of male hormones  Testosterone.”

In order to find out where the problem originates you may want to  visit an endocrinologist or gynecologist to test your hormones.
If your doctor finds that you do have an  imbalance you can be  prescribe the proper medication.  After you’ have figured out the root cause of your unwanted hair growth.
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[spoiler title=”Facial Hair A lifelong Struggle ” open=”yes” style=”simple”]While researching on YouTube I came across this young ladies YouTube video. Her honest expression on her struggles with facial hair, and the many methods she used to try and remove the hairs. Please take the time to view the video to get a real life look at other women who goes through this problem and how the deal with this issue. [/spoiler]

You will still have to remove the current hairs  you can choose to remove them with some of the alternative methods listed below.
  • Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods of eliminating facial hair growth for good.  Women who are not suffering from hormonal imbalances could see a reduction of about 80% after a series of 5 to 8 treatments.


  • Electrolysis

Through Electrolysis, a technician uses a fine needle-shaped instrument to zap each hair with an electric current, ultimately destroying the hair follicle.  It is the only other procedure besides laser that can lead to permanent hair removal.

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  • Threading

Threading is a good temporary fix depending on your hair type.  I would suggest this as a quick and fast way to remove the hair from chin or side burns.   But it is not a long term fix.

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  • Waxing

Waxing is uncertain meaning unpredictable.  It’s a fairly simple method that could be done at home with ok results depending on your skin type.  But be aware for some women it could result in acne, brown spots, and  in-grown hairs.

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  •  Plucking

Plucking is  the most common method of removing those unwanted hairs and the most harmful.  So ladies you really want to go easy on the tweezing. “The most common issue with plucking is in-grown its widely known most women get in-grown hairs  from plucking,”

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