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Thanks for visiting my blog. If you’re here I assume that you watched the video in its entirety and your here to enter my giveaway. You will have to complete all 3 steps to enter. Don’t worry it’s not allot to do it’s very simple and can be done all from this one area. You must complete everything to be entered.

Contest Starts February 3rd Ends February 16th 2017

Step One

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  • Enchanted Kiss- Tropical Coconut  Shimmer Mist
  • Enchanted Kiss- Cherry Blossom Jasmine

Enchanted Kiss is a brand made by the CTC trading company. When I checked out their website I was able to find the fragrances listed above but the site did not provide much information regarding a description of these items. Can’t expect much the body sprays where only 99 cents but it would have been nice to have a fragrance description.

  • Forever- Love Forever- Cherry Blossom Jasmin
  • Forever- Love Forever- Melon and Plum

I really didn’t find much information on the web regarding the brand Forever I think that the Cherry Blossom Jasmine smells the best out if the 2 if you ask me.  These 2 body sprays are worth the 99 cent purchase I think they would be great for a teen that’s just starting to use body sprays. There light enough not to be overdone even if sprayed heavily.


Sensual Vanilla Intimate Secret- Vanilla and Brown Sugar

April Bath Shower- Vanilla Brown Sugar: The only information I was able to find on this fragrance and any of the others listed below was the body the matching body wash to the Vanilla Brown Sugar. It was being sold on for the whopping price of $18.99. As I mentioned in my video review just because a item is being sold at the Dollar tree it doesn’t mean that the item is generic.

April Body Shower – Japanese Blossom

April Body Shower – Jasmine & Orange Blossom



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