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Contouring Tips and Tricks for Women of Color

Ladies it goes to say if you’re going to wear makeup do it right.  These days makeup has taken a bit of a dramatic turn. Its now all about contouring and highlighting your face for a more defined and slimming effect.  Contouring and highlighting can be used to make subtle effect to anyones face while on the other hand it can be used to make a person look totally different.  Below are a few videos on different highlighting and contouring techniques.

Here are a few thing you will need to began contouring your face.

  1. Skin Primer
  2. 2 Good Application Brushes
  3. Makeup Sponges
  4. Light: Liquid foundation  3-4 shades lighter than your skin complexion
  5. Dark: Liquid Foundation 3-4 shades darker than your skin complexion
  6. Ben Nye Highlighting Powder
  7. Your favorite face powder
  8. Your choice of finishing spray

And most important BLEND BLEND BLEND!!!! 


Foundation Routine| Highlight & Contour

Sadora Paris


Ben Nye Powders

You can find Ben Nye powders here.

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Edee Beau

How to Highlight & Contour for darker skin


Kim K Inspired Contouring & Highlighting Tutorial