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BB Cream and CC Cream Differences

BB Cream and CC Cream Differences



The difference between BB and CC creams is very simple 

First thing to know, whether its a  BB or CC, you’re looking to purchase  keep in mind one may give something the other doesn’t. So make sure you understand what you’re looking to achieve before you purchase.

BB and CC Creams are tinted skin care:

  1. Hydrates the skin.
  2. Evens out skin tone, correct imperfections and redness.
  3. Prepares skin for makeup.
  4. Fights against the signs of aging by protecting the skin with a sunscreen.

BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm,

The great advantage of the BB cream is its light to medium coverage.  BB creams are more opaque and intense compared to a CC cream coverage and which allows you to cover all imperfections and blemishes. Its  has a bit more thicker texture which allows you to adjust the coverage with many thin layers to achieve the desired result.

CC for Color Corrector or Color Control,

A CC cream allows you to even out  your complexion while combining a treatment that will correct over-time redness, flaws, blemishes, sun spots and post-acne marks. It also acts as an anti-aging due to its richness in antioxidants that promotes cell renewal.

While BB and CC creams are marketed for separate issues, and are theoretically different, Honestly if you ask me there almost the same.  here is where it gets most confusing  BB/CC benefits and coverage vary greatly among different brands.