About L2B


My name is Donna I’m a wife and mother of two boys. I designed and manage this blog myself, I decided to start blogging for a few different reasons. The first is I’m a stay at home wife and mother and like everyone these days it takes two to pay the bills. Seeing that I can’t go to work outside of my home and I really want to help my husband because of the love and respect I have for him so I decided to start blogging. I have done a lot of reach regarding blogging as a second source of income I can say its very impressive.   I love Makeup and fashion so what better way to express it by blogging about it. Now I’m not a great writer and this is my first try at blogging so you will see a lot of changes and a few mistakes I’m still learning so as I grow hopefully this blog will do the same. I have taken my web designing skills and applied them to this blog. If you have any suggestions regarding this blog or the community please feel free to contact me via my contact forms.  Hopefully one day my site will be one of the top blogs for women of color. I decided to blog about cosmetics, hair products, celebrity makeup and many other topics focused on women of color. After researching I really have not seen a site that is modernized easy to navigate and has a simple community linking women of all colors.