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9 Makeup Guidelines for Women of Color

9 Makeup Guidelines for Women of Color

Women of color have skin tones that range from one end of the color spectrum to the other. We should always apply these rules when applying makeup

  • proper blending
  • choosing the correct colors based on undertone

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Below you will find helpful steps to assist you with selecting the right makeup for you.

“Tip # 1 Foundation 

For the most complementary look for all women of color, you should always start out with a good foundation. If your complexion is flawless free of dark spots or discoloration, you can skip this step if you want to the next. However, make sure you choose makeup compatible with women of color skin tones. This is the important key to avoiding an unattractive and ashy undertone that will show up with using a base that’s too light. There are several cosmetics brands that cater to women of color, but even among mainstream lines  targeted to all women, you can find a range of foundation shades from light to dark. MAC Cosmetics is a great line that carries high-intensity colors suitable for women of all skin shades.

Tip # 2 Concealer

For those lucky women with clear skin, simply use concealer as needed, such as under the eyes or to hide dark spots. Following up with a light dusting of loose powder for a natural look.

Tip # 3 Choose The Right Palette 

Its very important to stick with the right palette. Knowing your skin’s undertones is very important for choosing the right makeup colors for women of color. We all have undertones in our skin that range from cool, neutral or warm. When you know what your undertones are, you’re able to select makeup colors that will best fit your skin tone.

Tip # 4  Selecting Colors

Don’t be afraid to Go bold. One of the fabulous things about having a deep complexion is being able to wear bold shades that can overpower women with fair skin. This includes bold golds, bronze, orange, fuchsia and silver makeup. Just be sure you wear these bright colors judiciously; select a feature to draw attention to and focus on that, leaving the rest of your face neutral.

Tip # 5 Focus on You Features

Its important to focus on your best features.  ask yourself What do you love best about your face? After you complete your self examination Whatever part of your face you like, accentuate it. If you love your eyes, wear an attention-getting eyeshadow and apply two to three coats of mascara or even better find the right false eyelashes for that dramatic pop.  If your lips are your best feature, wear a bold shade of lipstick, followed up  with your favorite gloss.